MEIS Profile

Welcome to Modern English International School (MEIS), a leading international school located in Istanbul – Turkey. At MEIS, we foster an environment of academic excellence, as well as a rich multicultural appreciation. MEIS is a Co-educational school that caters to all levels of Primary and Secondary School, with an Elementary, Middle & High School. Each school has its own staff of highly trained teachers from all over the world.

MEIS achieves high academic standards. We are accredited by AIAA, one of the largest communities of education professionals in the world. We regularly undergo rigorous evaluations to align our vision with day to day operations, leading to excellent standards of education.

Here at MEIS, all courses are taught in English Language and courses are designed to facilitate preparatory programs for our student going off to College / University.

Moreover, catering exclusively to international students from numerous countries, MEIS offers additional Arabic Language programs, as well as Turkish programs respectively. This not only helps our students easily adapt to their social environment, but also helps preserve their native language and culture.

In addition, to helping our students obtain an American Diploma, we also consider the future of our students that seek equivalency in their own country by offering ASL (Arabic as a Second Language) courses. This course prepares our students for external exams that is mandatory for students seeking equivalency in most Arab countries. This especially is helpful for Arab families on the move, as students qualify for admission in any university after graduation.

Furthermore, MEIS is licensed to teach the SAT Program. Here at MEIS, our teachers are professionally trained to meet the worldwide academic standards to prepare students for their SAT exams. We also offer for our students to help secure their future. Finally, along with an American Diploma, our students receive a Turkish equivalency certificate.

Here at MEIS students graduate with topnotch education along with 3 certificates. An American Diploma that opens gates for universities worldwide, along with a Turkish Diploma recognized internationally and lastly, results of external exams that qualify for equivalency in any Arab country.

As an international school, guided by our Vision & Mission, MEIS is invested in offering educational opportunities that serve both the Turkish and international communities in Istanbul. Our school is multicultural and is comprised of citizens of around 25 countries such as, USA – UK – Sweden - Spain – Norway – Philippines – Russia – Algeria – Tunisia- Morocco – UAE – Iraq – Iran – Lebanon – Kuwait – KSA – Jordan – Palestine – Syria – Libya – Egypt.

We revel in our heterogeneity and capitalize on the global benefits we receive from such a diverse understanding of the world. Further, our students have an invaluable advantage of being simultaneously immersed in the rich Turkish culture of Turkey. Our school aspires to meet the highest standards of international education, harmoniously balanced with the Eastern culture, heritage and social values. Together, the academic and cultural education that MEIS provides, helps to nurture life-long learners and global thinkers.